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Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency - Web Design & Tech VA's
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Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Nov 09 2018

Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

You rely on your marketing team to find and attract your potential customers. Since these clients or customers are the lifeblood of your business, you want to choose the right team for your brand.

One of your first decisions is whether to hire in-house or to work with a marketing agency.

To help you make this decision, here are five key benefits of outsourcing your marketing and lead generation functions to a marketing agency.

1. Scale Your Marketing as You Scale Your Business

Many small to businesses don’t have the revenue required to hire a team of skilled and experienced marketing professionals. Too many small businesses combine marketing with other admin roles. Often this leads to minimal results at a higher cost than they might see if they hired a marketing agency.

Some invest in hiring an in-house marketing manager. That professional usually has to play many parts and is inevitably better in some roles than others. This option may work well for a smaller brand, but what about when your business grows? For example, what happens when you need to produce a video series but your in-house marketing manager is an excellent writer but lacks video production skills? Or you need to generate leads, but your in-house team only knows how to manage social content? The marketing industry is highly segmented and specialized. The best campaigns usually require a team of creatives and experts.

Outsourcing lead generation, advertising, or marketing projects enables you to use tactics and strategies larger brands use while you scale your business.

2. Access a Team of Experts Without Hiring a Team

As previously mentioned, a small in-house team or single marketing manager rarely enjoys the luxury of developing specialized skills.

When you hire an agency, you get access to an existing team including the specialists needed to make your campaign successful.

For example, when you hire an agency to build your website their team may include a graphic designer, a web developer, a content writer, an SEO specialist, and other specialists. The agency team already works well together, and each member contributes their strengths and expertise. Hiring such a team in-house would be prohibitively expensive for most small to medium-sized businesses.

Similar applies whether you are considering event marketing, social media marketing, or public relations. Agencies offer any sized brand the opportunity to attract new customers through sophisticated marketing campaigns at a reasonable price.

3. Avoid Hidden Costs Like Popular Tools and Platforms

When creating a marketing budget, most managers include creative talent, an advertising budget, and the costs of printing or producing collateral assets.

However, marketing is a constantly changing field. Many overlook the software, analytic tools, and platforms marketing professionals use. Any established marketing agency already subscribes to any specialized resources they need including social media management, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), or lead generation tools.

4. Build Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Tactics and Techniques

Since agency team members typically work with a range of clients, they gain a 360-degree view of how different strategies and tactics work in the real world.

In addition, marketing professionals work in a highly competitive, fast-paced environment. To stay relevant, each agency team member keeps current on best practices and trends relating to their specialties.

5. Gain a Fresh Perspective and New Ideas

One of the best reasons to hire an agency is the fresh approach an outside team offers. Most likely, the agency professionals will have ideas that you have not considered. Since they know current marketing trends and the latest technology they can help you gain the most impact for your budget.

Finally, the choice between an agency and in-house staff isn’t an either-or proposition. Many businesses enjoy the best both have to offer by hiring an in-house marketing manager and outsourcing projects to an agency. They gain the benefits of working with an expert on projects like developing their website, content strategy, or digital marketing. This approach frees their in-house talent to focus on their strengths.

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