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Filling the Funnel: From Prospect to Purchase with AxAgency - Web Design & Tech VA's
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Filling the Funnel: From Prospect to Purchase with AxAgency

Lead Generation: From Prospect to purchase Ax Agency
Oct 29 2018

Filling the Funnel: From Prospect to Purchase with AxAgency

Filling the Funnel: From Prospect to Purchase


As marketers, we know that the goal of a marketing campaign is to generate new leads that we can hand over to our sales teams with confidence that these leads will ultimately result in a purchase, which is the best-case scenario. However, that can be easier said than done. Once you have generated a brand-new lead, your marketing strategy can’t just stop there. “Many companies do a good job at generating leads, but the problem is that most new leads are not ready to buy yet.”-Marketo Instead of stopping at just the top of the sales funnel, it is crucial to nurture the lead throughout each stage of the Buyer’s Journey with the proper pieces of content for the consumer during each phase.


The New Age of Buying


In today’s digital world, consumers are able to research brands, products, and services from virtually everywhere because mobile devices allow them to do so. Instead of only being able to do research from a desktop computer, during work hours, consumers can conduct research while they are on the train ride to work or waiting in line at the store. Which means that many of these leads have probably had the chance to learn about your brand. When they choose to inquire, there is a greater chance that they have taken the times to educate themselves about what you have to offer far before they speak with any sales representatives. Before you start generating and nurturing any leads, you must make sure there is ample content available for your consumers to find on their own. 94% of buyers reported using online research at some point in the purchasing process.-Accenture A content strategy should be implemented across multiple channels including blogs, videos, customer testimonials and infographics to aid your consumers in their research process.


Building Relationships with Your Leads


When a lead is generated, it is just the beginning of the relationship. If the lead is only in the awareness stage, it is crucial you are giving the right information to help guide them to the next stage of the journey. At each and every stage, you want the consumer to have your brand in their evoked set, if not at the very top. The time it takes to respond to a lead is extremely important. The sooner, the better. “The odds of a lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after an inbound lead converts on your website” –HubSpot. Using an automated lead nurture process is an effective way to make contact with new leads in a timely fashion. In order to build a strong relationship, brands must make contact with their consumers multiple times, through multiple channels. “Prospects receive an average of 10 touches from the time they enter the top of the funnel until they’re a closed-won customer” –HubSpot With that being said, it does not mean sending the prospect 10 different emails. When it comes to nurturing leads and building relationships, the best ways to make contact with them include using social media, paid retargeting, and personalized emails. All of the content that is directed their way should able relevant and align with the phase that they are currently in. As the lead moves further down the funnel and has been contacted 2-3 times, it is important to have sales reps reach them directly. Not only will the sales team be able to learn more about the lead and find out exactly how far along they are in the Buyer’s Journey to know if more nurturing is needed, but the prospect now has a direct contact to reach when they are ready to purchase or if they are seeking further information.


The Key To Filling The Funnel


When leads are first generated it’s essential to start contacting them sooner rather than later in order to begin the relationship building process. At each stage of the nurturing process from the first point of contact to when they speak with a sales rep, they should be fed the appropriate pieces of content through all channels that align with their current phase. While doing so it is important to keep in mind that consumers are taking the initiative to inform themselves about various options. Buyers now are able to discover more information than ever and it is essential to have a content strategy in place across various mediums for when they are looking to learn more. When planning your next lead generation campaign, keep in mind that the goal is to fill the funnel from prospect to purchase. To see if your efforts are paying off, measure the return on investment and see how many of the leads that you nurtured result in direct sales.


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