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About Us - Web Design & Tech VA's
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About Us

Here to make your life easier


What makes us different?

We exist because of our amazing friends and clients. Our team came together after years of crossing paths professionally. We decided to start a company because we felt we could offer better website building and lead generation services than any company we have seen or worked with throughout our careers.

What makes us different?

  • We do exactly what we say we are going to do.
  • We over communicate throughout the process.
  • We complete every task on time.
  • We treat your business like it’s our own.
  • We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.
  • We have way too much FUN (So we hope you are fun too.)

We are so grateful for all the wonderful people that have trusted us with their business and we will continue to do everything in our power to earn your trust and respect.


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Projects completed

Our services

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Wordpress Websites

Your custom wordpress website will meet all the needs of your specific business. Flawless design will attract and impress customers. Your life as a business owner will become easier as you entrust this important piece to the professionals.


Your website will be designed with you and your team in mind. Rest assured that you will be able to easily make add content and blog posts with no hassle. Each new website includes the training needed.

Attract More Customers

Beautiful designs that will help you attract and convert more customers organically with little effort on your part. Customers and peers will be impressed with the face of your business and seek out ways to work with you.

Fully Responsive

Responsive web design is a must in 2018. Because people use their mobile devices to do research before buying a product, your business can't afford to have a non-responsive website.

Content Strategy

A great website design doesn't make up for poorly written copy. Let potential clients and customers know about all the amazing services you provide.

Search Optimization

Google favors mobile-responsive websites in their search algorithm and businesses need to be visible on Google to be successful. Get your website seen by the right people using our optimization strategy.

Our Team

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Angela Thomas

Growing up, Angela always was the first one to embrace every new technology. After completed 4 years of college Angela went on to head the south western district of a large retail company. After working in retail for 5+ years she moved on to working as President of a National Real Estate Investing company. This is where Angela became fascinated with marketing and design. Ax Agency was started to help small businesses compete with larger companies online. Trying to grow a business is hard enough without adding in the confusion and expense of building your online presence. We are on a mission to give every small business the expertise they need, without wasting valuable resources.

Our team desires to share their passion for technology with the world. We are here to serve what seems “easy” to us with those that have other talents.

When your business grows and prospers, we love knowing we had a small part in your success.

Matt Gunby

Matt is an experienced programmer and a huge gaming enthusiast.

Kristina McNeil

The album is more experimental in nature than the band’s later releases. It was released only in Canada and Japan, and received very little