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6 Ways to Create a Lead Generation Website - Web Design & Tech VA's
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6 Ways to Create a Lead Generation Website
Nov 28 2018

6 Ways to Create a Lead Generation Website

A website is at the core of any company’s marketing plan. It’s home for your content and represents your business 24 hours a day. It’s the first thing that people see when searching for more information about a business.  

According to “Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase.” 

And it’s important for businesses to drive prospects and customers to their website in all marketing strategies.
Most companies create a website and load it with content and products, hoping to pull in interested prospects and customers who will take action and engage with the business. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t work as you hoped and there are no new leads or sales coming in.


We work with business owners who need higher performing websites that bring in real leads and impress customers. We are able to deliver what they need based on a few solid tactics, and these same tactics will be useful for anyone looking to use their website to generate new leads. We’ve identified the top 6 ways to create a lead generation website below.


1. Carefully planned conversion funnel. 


What will be the conversion path for your web visitors?

How will you drive their engagement with you? What activity will they participate in to learn more about your business? As visitors explore your site, you’ll want to guide them through the awareness, consideration and action phases, providing appropriate content along the way. Ultimately, you’ll capture prospect information by the completion of funnel activities and have gained strong leads. 

2. Bold calls to action.  

Asking for the business may seem too bold but there’s almost nothing stronger for lead generation, than creating a bold call to action. Copywriting that creates a strong sense of urgency and a clear method of responding will go a long way toward turning browsers into leads. You’ll also want to add forms to capture prospect information which may turn into qualified leads. A couple things to remember: don’t ask for too much personal information up front and always place your forms above the fold on a site page so that readers will see it easily. 

3. Create a live chat feature.  

Chatbots and other artificial intelligence solutions can really draw visitors into your site and encourage instant engagement. You can run analytics to understand where visitors spend the most time on your site and then install chat features that will not only answer questions, but also capture visitor information that can be considered potentially strong leads 

4. Simple and easy to use design. 

 A subtle, but powerful, way to make your site more engaging is the use of white space and clean design. In other words, don’t feel you have to cram the pages of your site with content and images. By allowing for the judicious use of white space and simple design elements, your pages will be more inviting and browsers will be more inclined to linger and engage. A professional design firm can help with both of these creative aspects to website creation. 

5. SEO optimization. 

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical component when building an effective lead generation website. Most marketers understand the basics of SEO, but there are some elements that can make your SEO activities even stronger. These components include: keyword research and strategy, sitemap, custom title tags, custom meta description tags, header tags and optimized body content. 

6. Invest in a custom website.  
Many times, businesses make a decision to create a new website and take shortcuts in order to get it live as soon as possible. Using a template solution is one of those shortcuts. While someone at the company may be able to work with a web template, it really isn’t a long-term solution for generating leads. Engaging the services of a professional web design firm will position your company competitively by incorporating lead-generating strategies appropriate for your business. 

AxAgency is a digital marketing company that specializes in lead generation campaigns for Businesses Owners of mid-and small-size companies. Their team of web designers creates highly actionable sites designed for the ultimate customer experiences and lead generation tactics. Schedule an appointment to discuss your project at  

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