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4 Website Design Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know - Web Design & Tech VA's
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4 Website Design Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

4 Website Design Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

It’s easy for a small business owner to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options in the world of Website Design and digital advertising in 2018. Whether you are just starting your business, or are working hard to grow it to a point you would call “Successful.” These 4 website tips will help you simplify your website building and focus on what really matters…bringing in new business.

Business owners waste thousand of dollars on poorly built or unfinished websites every year.

Long gone are the days when you could register a business name, open your doors, and wait for the customers to come rolling in. It’s a smaller world in 2018, and businesses need to have an easy-to-use and attractive website or they quickly become irrelevant. Business owners know they need a great website, but don’t want to spend the time or energy it takes to design and build a quality website.

Your website is the public face of your business, and as such, it should reflect who you are to everyone that sees it. These tips will help you simplify the process and only focus on the most important aspects of building your online presence.

Make it easy for visitors to engage with you.

You can have the most beautiful, well thought out website in the world, and it won’t do a bit of good unless people want to engage with you and your brand. Decide what you want visitors to do when they hit your website (#calltoaction #website) and make sure every call to action and button they see leads them to your desired action. Potential customers should be able to walk through each stage of your sales process, and the first step should be easy to find on your home page. Whether you want them to download a report, fill out a form, or request a quote, make sure they don’t have to search for it.

  1. Your #calltoaction buttons are front and center and an accent color so they stand out.
  2. Forms should be embedded or load in less than a second and be responsive on all devices. 
  3. This is the most important tip because, if done correctly, your website will become a lead generating machine for you.

Your Website Should Be Responsive on all devices

If your website isn’t responsive (and attractive on all devices, you are missing out on over 60% of your potential customers.

According to a recent study, mobile internet traffic reached 60%, surpassing desktop internet traffic which declined to 40%.

Potential customers are using their mobile phones to search your website and check you out. If you have a website that isn’t responsive or are still using a “mobile friendly website,” your website needs a facelift. Business websites need to automatically adjust to every screen size but keep the same look and feel on any device. Many potential customers will leave if the mobile version is hard to navigate, even if they were planning on buying from your company.

  1. Your website should be responsive on any device. Double and triple check it on every screen size before making it live.
  2. Desktop and mobile versions should not look like two separate websites. Keep your website design  cohesive on every device to make sure your potential and current clients have a great experience.

Engaging Images

In 2018, people have a shorter attention span than ever. Studies have shown people have an attention span of less than 2 seconds, and the best tool you have to draw them in and convince them to spend time with you is compelling images. 

The best website design in the world look amateur without compelling, high quality images.

Have you ever visited a website that doesn’t have many photos on their home page? A page with lots of text and small photos looks dated and is overwhelming to read. Big photos with great lighting draw people in and help them feel the emotions you want to convey with your brand. It’s best to make these photos relevant by taking them yourself (or hiring someone to take them for you.)

  1. Photos should be the right size for the largest screen, and responsive so it looks great on the smallest phone.
  2. Photos should be optimized and load in 2 seconds or less.

Answer Sales Questions Before They Are Asked

Long gone are the days when you can just have a simple “contact us” form and take a couple business days to respond to questions on your website. The biggest “1st world” problem people deal with every day is waiting for anything. People are researching your company to decide if they want to buy, and if you don’t immediately answer their buying questions, they will move on to your competitor. Here are some of the ways businesses handle this to make sure they pass the test.

  1. Have an automated chat service (bot) installed on your website.(#chatbot)
  2. Provide a number people can text their questions to and have common questions preprogrammed for instant replies.(#textbot)
  3. Have an extensive and easy-to-find Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) page on your website.

This is another part of your website that can become a reliable lead generating strategy.

Of course, the first thing visitors notice when landing on your website is the actual design. So if your website looks outdated or unorganized, you are most likely losing a good percentage of your potential customers right off the bat.

If your website needs to be updated (or built from scratch,) give us a call for a free consult at 801-216-3959.

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